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May 29, June 2 & June 4 @ Central Park U13-U14 6pm-7:30pm U15-U19 7:30pm-9pm
May 28, June 1 & June 3 @ Central Park U13-U14 6pm-7:30pm U15-U19 7:30pm-9pm
Hello from Michel and Dirk from CogiTraining. Looking forward to the new season with Albion SC and Cogi training.

Albion SC Plantation Coaching Staff 2015-16

2015 -2016 Albion Tryouts
PFC Summer Camp 2015
Congrats to Elizabeth "Eli" Barbesi for participating in the "Soccer Superstar" reality show presented by Nick Sports of Nickolodeon


Eli was selected to go to California out of the 40-50 player trial in Weston in February.  The reality show will air in the Summer of 2015.  

Below is the interview between Elizabeth "Eli" Barbesi & the DOC, John Ramos: 

J. Ramos: Give us a brief description of your experience at the "Soccer Superstar" trials.  
Eli:     went to the  V ista  P ark tryout session on February 25th where there was approximately 40-50 girls trying out. From the group ,  6 w ere  selected to fly out to California and meet 9 girls from the California tryout session and be combined into one team. The tryout session consisted of 6 drills: passing, shooting, 1v1, 7v7, dribbling, and heading. For each individual drill, you were timed and the faster the time the more points you receive in order to move on in the competition. Each drill was different and set up to be like a real live game situation instead of a stagnant drill.    At the end of the filmed 6 hour tryouts, the results were in. The judges consisted of Angela Hucles, Marcelo Balboa, and Dan Metcalfe. The judges had picked me as the fourth player to fly out to California. I flew out on March 11th and drove to the house where the set was and met the other 9 girls that were picked from the California tryouts. The next day, we went to school from 7-10 and from school to training. The first day we met with a retired L.A. Galaxy goal ie.     We worked on technique, one touch finishing, and finished w a 7v7 scrimmage. The next day was the same routine but this time we met Coby Jones who was a USMNT player and an L.A. Galaxy player as well.  We worked on the same drills but we incorporated crossing too. The following day was a Saturday morning where we had to play the best u15 team in the nation which were the SoCal Blues, a California team. We played them and tied 1-1. At the end of the match, eliminations came and i was unfortunately one of the three player that got eliminated. It was a great experience and i am so blessed that i got this opportunity to go and participate in this because i learned so many little thing that when brought on the field make a huge impact not only on the way i play but also for the team. Below are some pictures of my trip. 
J. Ramos:  How did you hear of this opportunity?
Eli:  I heard about the show through the advertisement flyers that were placed around Vista Park during the Weston Cup.
J. Ramos:    Did you notice anything special about the players you got to compete with or against?
Eli:  I noticed that the girls I played with were very talented. All of them had a minimum of 5-7 years playing to the sport, mostly on a professional travel team level. Also, they were genuinely sweet and very kind. The girls that I played against were also very talented. They played one touch and the moment they passed the ball they made runs to get it back within 3 seconds. Plus, if they lost the ball, the effort they portrayed in order to get it back was amazing. Both sets of girls had the common factor of great fitness and speed as well as quick thinking and field awareness. 
J. Ramos:   Do you think you were well prepared for the initial trials and the trials in Cali?
Eli:  I think I was well prepared for the initial trials because they were 5 drills that I have been accustomed to practice for years. Also, the practices I had at plantation fc were extremely beneficial before I had the tryouts.
J. Ramos:  How did you feel when you were selected for the Cali trip?  Have you been to Cali before?
Eli:  When I was chosen to fly out to Cali I was speechless. I have never been offered an opportunity like this and I was beyond excited. It was my first time going to Cali which made the experience much more interesting and unforgettable. 
J. Ramos:   How did you feel about your performance in Cali?
Eli:  I felt satisfied with my performance in Cali because i displayed many of the skills I've been taught over the years on the field and I also got the chance to show that I can play other positions besides center back. Even though I feel satisfied with my performance, there will always be room for improvement. 
J. Ramos:  Looking back to the whole experience, is there anything you might of changed in preparation for the whole process for the event?
Eli:  Looking back on the experience i fell like I should've prepared my body more physically and mentally. Physically I could have drank more water and trained my body to withstand the temperatures and also to eat more fruits and veggies. Mentally I could have had a more open mindset where my goal wasn't only to win the show but also to make new friends, enhance my knowledge on the game, and focus more on my performance as a team player as well. In the end I felt like the mental preparations I should've done actually ended up happening which worked out really well.
PFC Newsletter - Issue 20 March 2015 ~ Galazzo!
About Plantation Eagles Football Club
The Plantation Eagles Football Club is one of the oldest and largest clubs of its type in South Florida. It is a premier soccer club featuring competitive teams for boys and girls playing in various leagues in the state under the auspices of the Florida Youth Soccer Association and run through the cooperation and sponsorship of the Plantation Athletic League.

All of the coaches are USSF licensed. Many have played professionally or on national teams and are supervised by the board of directors for the club. Specialty trainers for goal keepers, fitness, and conditioning are provided to our teams. Our fields and facilities are considered to be among the best in the country.
Since 1987 we have hosted the Thanksgiving Holiday Classic tournament which draws over 200 teams from the South to our community for a fun but rigorous test of soccer skills. In addition, our teams are encouraged to participate in other local and state-wide tournaments to further improve their performance. All of our players are exposed to collegiate interests and urged to participate in the Olympic Development Program.
What are the 6 C's?

Momentum potential as a player is largely governed by six psychological qualities or skills that are put to the test during each soccer match. From now on these will be referred to as the 6 Cs:

The 6 C's 

    •    Commitment – refers to ones desire, determination, and persistence to accomplish a task – it involves giving 100% and making sacrifices

    •    Concentration – refers to ones ability to focus or change their focus at key times

    •    Confidence – refers to ones belief in ones self, of those around them, and of ones capacities and abilities

    •    Communication – refers to ones ability to receive and provide effective information, and to interact with and influence those around them

    •    Control - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control of ones emotions in a variety of situations, in various ways and through various means

    •    Cohesion- If you imagine iron fillings and you run a magnet along them, they will fall into a straight line. Team synergy or cohesion is exactly like that: it’s channeling the energy of a team in a concentrated direction.




Plantation FC hosted a college seminar for PFC players
Munga Eketebi
Broward College, Head Coach - Men's Soccer
"There are 3 kinds of players.  Those who make things happen, those that watch what happens, and those who say what happened"
On Monday, September 22nd, Plantation FC hosted a college seminar for PFC players u15-u18 boys and girls.  Guest speaker, Munga Eketebi, gave an animated presentation about the college recruiting process.  He did a wonderful job informing our parents with valuable information about selecting a college, how to be recruited, and rules and requirements of college and universities around the country.  Munga also shared some funny stories about his experience recruiting players the past 20 years of being a college coach and preached the importance of having the right mentality and attitude toward becoming a college soccer player.  Munga is currently the men's head coach at Broward College.  Prior to BC, Munga was at Florida International University and Nova Southeastern University as the head coach for the men's soccer programs.  
PFC will host another college seminar in March 2015 with Munga in order to refresh PFC families.  In the meantime, PFC will be arranging team meetings with Munga in order to go into more detail and accommodate the needs of each team and their college planning.  
Eagles program wins praise from NSU professor

Find out what a Nova Southeastern University professor said to Plantation Eagles director of coaching John Ramos  (the letter is reprinted in its entirety):

Top 9 "Must Haves" For Kids in Sports to be Successful

Top 9 “Must Haves” For Kids In Sports To Be Successful

fWhat Are The “Must Haves” For Kids In Sports?
 youth sports coachesWelcome to the Mental Toughness Academy!  I’m Craig Sigl, the mental toughness trainer for youth athletes.

I hear from our parents all the time about how their kids are struggling in their sport for a variety of reasons.

We all get our children to participate in sports for “all the right” reasons and when it does not go as planned it can be extremely frustrating.

So I wanted to do a post to give you some ideas on how you can positively effect your kids experience playing their sport.  I would also love to hear your stories and experiences in the comments section below.  You are also always welcome to ask me questions there as well.

Enjoy this video explaining the 9 “Must Haves” every parent should know for kids in sports

Changing the Game in Youth Sports

Changing the Game in Youth Sports

On April 26, 2014 I had the honor of presenting a talk at TEDx Bend Oregon entitled “Changing the Game in Youth Sports.” The power of the TED platform, and its international recognition as a brand that brings “ideas worth sharing” to the forefront of conversation, was such an incredible platform to be able to present the 14 minute version of the Changing the Game Project mission. You can see it here:

Click here to read the full article

Coach Fabian is back at Plantation FC!

For more information on Coach Fabian click the link:

The Missing Ingredient in US Talent Development
For Kids ONLY!

This column is for the kids. Adults can stop reading now.


play 1

Children begin playing football with no emotional attachment to the game.  They need to have an experience that makes them want to come back.  An experience that makes them want to play independent of adults. In our desire to provide football for children, it is easy to forget this.  While our approach to football has become more organised and structured, the opportunities for children to play spontaneous or street football have become fewer and fewer.  Many children’s first contact with the game is through organised sessions at a designated place and time.

A child will make almost any environment their playground once given the opportunity. In playgrounds, children learn to assess different situations, predict outcomes, take risks and develop confidence in their own abilities. They instinctively seek out opportunities to play.  It is the football coach’s responsibility to respond by creating an environment that intrigue, excite and stimulate.  In such football environments, children are able to explore both themselves and the world through the game.  The coach must also create the right balance between preserving the child’s sense of freedom and ensuring learning takes place.

The French philosopher René Descartes once said: “I think, therefore I am.”   Perhaps he could have said: “I play, therefore I am”.   It is through play that children learn and it is through play that children consolidate what they have learnt.  Play by definition is intrinsically motivated.  It is the child’s way of doing things.  It is simply what they do.

Play comes naturally to a child, just like sleeping or eating.  The need to play remains throughout our lives. But we give it new names.  A footballer playing at the top of his game might say he is “in the zone“.  Scientists and artists engrossed in their work talk about “the flow“.  It is still just PLAY.
And Play is our starting point.  It is where we begin.


Click the link to follow  FOOTBLOGBALL

Eagles donate school supplies to local children in need
U18 Sports Medicine

U18 Sports Medicine is an official sponsor of the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic.  During the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic certified and licensed athletic trainers from U18 Sports Medicine will be onsite throughout the tournament to attend to players’ medical needs and injuries.  In the event of an injury feel free to visit their website and request an appointment.  They will contact you the next business day and offer you an appointment with one of their pediatric orthopaedic physicians in the time that best suits your needs.     


For more information on U18 Sports Medicine, please visit their website at:


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